GMA+, a new platform for international certification of electrical and electronic products

  • Up-to-date information on regulatory requirements for certification.
  • Global coverage, based on more than 200 countries and regions with their own legislation.
  • Real-time project management and updating.
  • Repository with automatic alerts on certificate renewal and regulatory changes.

Access to the global market is a key element for the competitiveness of companies. Each country or economic area has its own requirements in different areas: Radio, Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, RoHS, Energy Efficiency, Cybersecurity, ATEX, etc.

The wide variety of requirements and regulatory changes make the management of this type of project complex. For this reason, having GMA+ makes it possible to manage projects efficiently, minimising costs and time-to-market.

GMA+, the ideal tool for managing global market access project

The new project management and regulatory information software is aimed at electrical and electronics manufacturers who sell their products in multiple markets around the world.

GMA+ contains an extensive library of regulatory market access information for more than 520 schemes, including common voluntary markings for electronic equipment (WiFi, Bluetooth SIG, Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay, and so on).

With the GMA+ project management module, our customers can track all their certification processes in real time. They can also access and manage all their certificates and technical files, receive alerts for renewals, and plan their next projects.

The two modules combined make for the ideal tool to plan and track all projects, country by country, scheme by scheme. It empowers users with constant up-to-date information on the current requirements for each market. GMA+ is also open to companies that are only interested in accessing the regulatory information module.

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