Environmental Simulation

Environmental simulation and accelerated weathering testing is a necessity in many of the industries that we serve. From apparel to automobiles, manufacturers and suppliers are concerned with the environmental effects on their products. Applus+ Reliable Analysis has an in-depth knowledge of accelerated /artificial weathering simulations. With our numerous weathering chambers, we can customize the exposures to your specific requirements.

Heat, cold, and humidity all affect different materials in unique ways. Reliable Analysis has freezers, ovens, and environmental chambers to meet your specific needs. Our capabilities for environmental testing range from small part testing (toys, cell phones, drug bottles) to drive-in test chambers for full vehicles (boats, automobiles, commercial trucks).

Testing is carried out in accordance with standards such as ASTM, SAE, ISO/IEC, MIL, various OEM standards and more. We can also test according to your own standards or criteria.

Examples of environmental and accelerated weathering testing include:

  • Carbon Arc
  • Xenon Arc
  • QUV
  • Infrared (IR) Lamp
  • Humidity
  • Salt Spray
  • CASS Corrosion
  • Cyclic Corrosion
  • Temperature / Humidity – Programmable Chamber Exposures
  • Thermal Aging / Thermal Cycling / Thermal Shock