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Chemical & Thermal Analysis

Reliable Analysis provides chemical and thermal analysis services around the world. Our expertise includes routine and high-end testing of products, materials and additives to trace levels.


Environmental Simulation

Environmental simulation and accelerated weathering testing is a necessity in many of the industries that we serve. From apparel to automobiles, manufactures and suppliers are concerned with the environmental effects on their products.


Physical & Mechanical Properties

Reliable Analysis specializes in physical and mechanical property testing. Our analysis includes simple weight and density measurements to impact strengths of plastics using a multi-axial impactor.


Life Cycle & Durability

Reliable Analysis has been providing life cycle and durability testing for over 20 years. Our life cycle and durability testing facilities support the automotive, commercial truck & bus, marine, military and consumer products industries.


Failure Analysis

Identify the root causes for failures in automotive materials to optimise product design and prevent the same issues from happening again.

mechanical test machine


Reliable Analysis specializes in the design and manufacture of Testing, Gage and Inspection Fixtures. We are committed to providing the exact solution for your fixture fabrication needs, in the time frame you need it; all at a very competitive cost.

About Applus+ Reliable Analysis USA

Reliable Analysis started in 1990 as a small materials testing laboratory. More than 25 years later, we are a premier international testing laboratory focusing on the automotive industry, and we are part of Applus+ Laboratories.

Applus+ Reliable Analysis USA is located in Michigan. We provide automotive testing services in the automotive hubs of North America, while we collaborate with the other Applus+ labs to offer a global service to the automotive industry.

We are accredited to conduct hundreds of chemical, environmental, mechanical tests for automotive components, products, and systems.

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