EMC & Electrical Testing

Our Asian Pacific Testing Center in Shanghai, China can provides testing services of EMC and Electrical for automotive components. Our three (3) meter semi-anechoic chamber with whole vehicle testing capabilities can help you with troubleshooting and modification at the vehicle level. We can currently offer EMC testing services for traction motors and HV power control units of EV/HEV/PHEV with light-load conditions at the component level.

Our capabilities include:

EMC Testing of Automotive Components
Radiated immunity (ALSE), Conducted emissions, Radiated emissions (ALSE), Bulk current injection (BCI), Magnetic field immunity, Conducted transient immunity, Conducted transient emissions, ESD, etc.
Environmental / Reliability Testing
Electrical load, Climate load, Chemical load, etc.
EMC Testing of Whole Vehicles for Troubleshooting Purpose
Radiated emissions (ALSE), emissions testing of CISPR 25, Radiated immunity (ALSE), Bulk current injection (BCI), ESD, etc.